beautiful house

Creative Ideas for Bricks That Break the Mold

Whenever you look a strong and attractive house or building, you wonder “Wow! What a beautiful house!”. You would love to see the same house again and again.

As everyone knows that without bricks, the base of any building can’t stand up.

Bricks play a very important role to make buildings. The beautiful, strong and versatile buildings erected for years is because of this humble bricks. Bricks are durable, reusable and sustainable, to provide thermal mass to your home. It helps to keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter season, especially with passive techniques.

Here, I describe few design with an image, how brick can give a modern edge to your home.


Beautiful house
Honoring those ancient days by Keeping a trace of history within your own house. Mixing new and old is in trend these days. Contemporary and classical finishes and fixtures bring charms in your house.


bricks with blue window
Here, the Architect has retained some original brick theme. Creative bricklaying adds distinction to your home. The pattern of bricks with blue window pane adds an additional charm.


red window
You can also try white glazed bricks. White glazed wall with red window pane creates a unique and elegant style. It gives an awesome contemporary aesthetic charm to your home.


elegant house
Something you must say after gazing this. WOW! The Architect is willing to bring more adventurous and fun among us. Hence, he has made beautiful, elegant house with the mixture of contemporary and classical.


An awesome creativity of the architects, using bricks continues inside, creating a sophisticated mix of materials while breaking up with beautiful interior inside. Natural brick is matched up with white wall, make beautiful through design.


white glazed bricks
The use of white glazed bricks with arch doors gives a perfectly elegant and sophisticated charm to your home. The white glazed brick with chocolate brown doors giving a contemporary aesthetic look to soothe your soul.


colorful brick

Adding a splash of colors on the brick makes your home look simply; WOW! The outer layer of your house can make beautiful simply by this colorful walls matched with the white window pane.


spherical glass window
What would you say to this design? Large  highlighting the brown bricks, giving your house a perfect rustic and streetwise look.