10 Best Creative Ideas to make a Kitchen Focal Point

Every Kitchen can have a serious style. You can spice up your kitchen with these tempting designs and make your kitchen fabulous focal point. Make the most out of all eye-candy materials, fixtures and furnishings you can find.

But, don’t get confused with all these materials and mishmash of items. Here’s few charming decorating ideas
to help you, put on the fast track in maximizing your budget and finalize your selection.

A better way to start with is; to select one or two focal points, that suits your budget. Invest on all elements that suits your choices, both visually and budget-wise.

Let’s have a look at some creative ways for your kitchen to create a strong focal point.

1. Bold and colorful backsplash


It’s obvious that backsplash serves an important role in your kitchen. Not only it protects your wall from food and drinks spatters, but also gives your kitchen a strong decorative element.
Go with a bold and colorful tiles to make your kitchen the best focal point.

2. Significant countertop



You can make your countertop more significant. Significant countertops are all the rage these days. You can use multiple designs of bold and colorful countertop, specially kitchen islands, to make your kitchen the best focal point.

3. Modern bright and colorful Kitchen Stools

colorful Kitchen stools


Go with the trend and taste evolve. Instead of making bright countertop, you can also go with bright kitchen chairs. Say, your favorite color is red. You can put red chairs or stools just to add a fun splash of color. You can also go with multi-color stools.
These stools will highlight your kitchen making it a focal point.

4. Go with colorful appliances

colorful appliances

Now a day, the appliances are coming in a rainbow of vibrant tint. Open ended options are available in the market for you to choose from. Choose the color of all your kitchen appliances different. This will highlight your kitchen making a focal point.

5. Make your Kitchen cabinets colorful

Kitchen cabinets

To make your kitchen, a great focal point, you can choose some vibrant color like leafy-green painted base cabinets or blood red painted base cabinets.
The more vibrant you go with the colors, the more you have to support your kitchen to make it neutral.

6. Create Textured wall theme

Textured wall

Bold and vibrant color is not only the solution to create your kitchen a focal point. You can go for textures also. If you have a monochrome kitchen, its better to go with this element. The texture will reduce the feel of monotonous, making the kitchen a focal point.

7. Make breathtaking view out your kitchen windows

kitchen windows


Some of us are fortunate enough to have a kitchen that can be viewed from the window pane. This type of kitchen doesn’t require any additional focal point. Ditch all your articles in upper wall cabinet and install expensive glass to the window pane to take full advantage of the view.

8. Fetching fixtures



A kitchen must have a good lighting. New trends are coming up; decorating kitchen pendants and chandeliers. They can make an excellent focal point for your kitchen.

9. Amazing artwork can create wonders

Amazing artwork


You can make your kitchen a better focal point in a low budget. Everyone is fond of art. A good artifact enhances the flavor of your kitchen. However, proper care should be taken for installing art in your kitchen. Otherwise, grease, humidity and food messes could spoil them.

10. Can create Family wall



You can even create a family wall in your kitchen. If your kids are bringing home more masterpieces from school, display all those artifacts on the wall in a more pleasing way. Giving your kitchen the best focal point look.
You can even tuck family photos and important events. gramercystudio.com