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Site Analysis

The site visit is one of the first things in the design process. After the completion of a site visit, a detailed site analysis starts.


Our implementation process is well planned and tested in order to meet required objectives.

Design Development

We are providing the unique designs and all kind of designing solution from root in order to get best results.

Project Review

Project is continually reviewed against original aspirations and performance in order to find any unjustifiable deviations or problems.




It all starts with a dream and it really is reality in the making. That’s how it started when Ashwani and Pooja Khurana took the onus of making dream homes a reality. You nurture your dreams with love and that’s what they did too. Starting in the year 1997, we opened our first store. And ever since, Dreams Furnishings has been the go-to place for furniture, fabrics and wallpapers.


Leading the next wave of the establishment, is their son Akshay who is a practising architect and interior designer. Being a young professional, his fresh ideas cut through today’s mundane world. With his association in the company, Dreams Furnishings is now becoming famous with people who love to experiment and are looking for something out of the box.


We come from an ideology that facilitating materials from behind the counter is not really what people want. People want someone who understands their dreams. They look for associations with people they can trust with their dream. We make sure that our customers are guided at every step. We never limit their imagination, we make the canvas bigger for them to draw the big picture.


After making waves in fabrics and furniture, we are now making our way into complete interior solutions. From designing, to purchase, to implementation, we are now a holistic interior solution provider who specialises in turnkey projects. And we respect the principles of design and believe that design is in details. That is why, we have a keen eye for details. We go to grain level to deliver what’s promised.


As curators, from time to time we organise workshops and ateliers to bring out the latest trends and materials available. These workshops make sure that customers are aware of the ever expanding possibilities. Because with us, you design your home the way you dream.

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